Lean In Circles are small groups (usually with 8-12 members) who meet regularly to learn and grow together. The goal is to support and encourage positive change in each member’s life. It is a place where women can be unapologetically ambitious and help each other become our very best selves.


Each Circle is run by a Circle leader and meet at least once a month over coffee, lunch, etc. To get the most out of a Circle, we suggest you to highly committed to its meetings, contribute your experiences while receiving support from other Circle members.


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Circle Leader

Stephanie Morgan

Provides a welcoming, inclusive space for woman to connect with each other for support and networking.

Circle Leader

Media Fettinger

An alliance of supportive professionals with diverse backgrounds. Meeting in Mission Valley area. 

Circle Leader

Jennifer Cheung

Support and networking for women and men in or interested in Tech industry. Meeting in Mira Mesa area, usually on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. 

Circle Leader

Patty Bribiesca

Engaging Southbay Women to share,grow, and network.  Meets quarterly.

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How can I start a circle?

We encourage you to start one if our Circles do not work for you. You can learn more about Circles here from the website, and start a Circle within our Network by going to our profile page. 

Our Network provide support and help for your Circle.We has great tips on starting a Circle. 

Contact us if you need help!